Impact on teaching style:

“The project approach has taught me to give up some of that control and not be the sole bearer of knowledge…I have enjoyed doing more in depth studies of nature than just the surface stuff of the seasonal changes that I used to do.”
– Julie Bates, Estherville, ELC Elementary.

“I have absolutely fallen in love with the project approach! I have learned to be more in tune to what the children are really interested in and their curiosities.”
– Michelle McAlpine, Sioux Rapids, Sioux Central Preschool.

On involvement with nature:

“I had never really used nature in my classroom a whole lot. Although it was challenging, I have learned to bring nature in. I have also learned to look at the small things in nature and be able to make an entire learning project from that.”

– Stephanie Mohr, Sac County Head Start.

“Nature and outdoor learning environments are key to developing creativity, problem solving and higher level thinking. Project Approach has shown us how to tap into this learning through nature experiences.”
– Linda Dierking, Storm Lake Head Start Administrator

On coaching:

“She helped us understand the phases and order. She was quick to email us back if I had any questions.” – Keisha Swanson, Alta Aurelia

“I am glad to have a coach to help me work through the project approach and help me make my projects better.” – Samantha Erhardt, Sioux Central